Tura Satana appreciation post. here’s what u need to know:

  • born in 1938 and died in 2011
  • her parents were a silent movie actor and a circus performer
  • she was gang-raped by five men when she was ten. they were never prosecuted and it was rumoured that the judge was paid off.
  • this prompted her to train in various martial arts (such as aikido and karate)
  • over the next 15 years, she hunted down each of her rapists and exacted revenge against them. they never even knew who she was until she told them
  • at the same time, she formed an all-woman gang called “the angeles”
  • "we had leather motorcycle jackets, jeans and boots and we kicked butt."
  • moved to los angeles when she was 15 and supported herself
  • dated elvis presley and turned down a marriage proposal from him
  • her most famous film role was in 1965, as varla, a “very aggressive and sexual female character”, in faster, pussycat! kill! kill! (a film that was “an ode to female violence”)
  • Tura was responsible for her own costume, makeup, use of martial arts, and much of her dialouge. she also performed all her own stunts and fight scenes
  • was known for not taking shit from anyone. russ meyer, the director for faster, pussycat! kill!, said of her “[tura was] extremely capable. she knew how to handle herself. don’t fuck with her! and if you have to fuck her, do it well! she might turn on you!”

Faster, Pussycat! Kill, Kill, Kill!



My mother “must have” thrown away my clothes. Because I didn’t add them to the list of things I wanted sent up to my apartment. Only I did, and they were gifts from my grandfather, but somehow she managed to forget that and throw away anyway. But not my shoes :)

Nope those managed to stay in her closet somehow. I’m done. I will not come back to my parents house again.

I called my mother a bitch, and she said, “Well, you’re a son of a bitch.”

Terry Richardson is a fashion photographer with street credibility. He has no time for regrets, and if he asked a model to touch his penis, and she touched it, he certainly has no regrets. Maybe they didn’t want to touch it, and felt pressured. Whatevs. Don’t fucking touch his scabby, smelly cock. What does he care? You think he’s not a fag? I mean, c’mon. He is just telling you to touch his cock because he is trying to get you loose, for the sake of the photo. He wants to bring something out of you. Any fool can take a snapshot. Uncle Terry is trying to capture a piece of your soul, not to sentence you to eternal damnation; but because he knows that pictures like that are what grabs the public’s attention. It will make you both rich and famous. So don’t touch his homosexual penis. It doesn’t mean he’ll never work with you again. Hell, he might even book you for many, many, more shoots, hoping he will one day get you to touch his penis. Not because that’s necessarily his thing, but just because it is a challenge. And even if he doesn’t take a picture of you touching his penis—-if and when you do decide to touch his penis—-it will show up on your face in the next photo.

Like, what do you fuckin’ suppose made the Mona Lisa crack that twisted smile?

Here’s a link to a model that would’ve have done a lot more than merely touch his pathetically tiny and soft penis, if he had asked. She is a lot lizard, which is many rungs on the totem pole below even a lowly Capp Street Crack Ho. A lot lizard is a prostitute who works at a truck stop. Can’t get much lower than that, whore-wise.

Uncle Terry Bags a Wild Lot Lizard

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